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Take Notes That Help You Learn More

A note-taking journal that helps you retain key information you learn to transform your life.


Remember Key Information

organize your notes

ACT on your knowledge

People have trouble remembering information that is shared with them in meetings, at school and while listening to sermons and podcasts. 

There’s a problem with learning: 

 The Recap Journal changes the way you learn and transforms your life. 

A Tool that Helps You Learn and Do More 

The sections of the planner help you effectively capture then organize your notes in a way that is easy for you and others to follow. 

Easy-to-Understand Notes

Never lose your notes again. The Recap Journal makes it easier than ever to categorize and find essential information.

Say “Goodbye” to Frustration

Set clear intentions for what you plan to do with the information you learned, allowing you to change your life and others with that knowledge. 

Leverage the Information you Acquire


Kick off your journey with the Recap Journal by setting your intentions and laying out the foundation for your learning journey.


The System Designed To Help You Take Action On Your Knowledge

how does it work?

Never lose track of your notes by keeping a log of where everything is in your journal. This will become your go-to reference.

order of content

Start with a "brain dump" of information which you will then organize into key takeaways and compelling quotes.



One-Stop for Note-Taking

The Recap Journal is for you if you learn in an array of settings and need a strategic, organized way to take notes. But you don’t just want to take notes, you want to actually retain the information you learned.






5-Star Praise for the Recap Journal

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I find myself wanting to share what I learned with others. I often times will jot notes down in notebooks or in my phone notes, but that makes it difficult to find that information later when I go to share it. The Recap Journal completely changed this for me. I can remember information now and everything is so organized!

Business Owner

Cassie T.

For the first time in my life I am tracking and implementing the things I learn on a daily basis. The recap journal forces me to slow down, summarize and create an implementation plan for all of the things I learn from books, podcasts, webinars, meetings or conferences. The Recap Journal has been my most valuable tool when it comes to implementing newly acquired knowledge into my life and business and is critical to my continued growth.

Business Owner


The Recap Journal has been a game changer for me during sermons at church! I am able to easily digest what I learned and implement each week using the Recap Journal system. I also love how it has plenty of note-taking space for me to ebb and flow with what - and where - I'm learning. The journal is extremely well-made and the perfect size to fit in my purse!

Business Owner

Macey M.

As an avid note taker, I love how I’m able to use this journal to to not only jot down what I’ve learned, but also take time to reflect on what I heard and consider how I’m going to apply it to my life. The order of content section at the beginning is so helpful too for keeping my notes organized and being able to easily refer back to certain ones I’m looking for. Highly recommend this journal to anyone wanting a new and improved way to recap what they’re learning!

INfluencer Coach

Kahlea W.

Jot down all of your notes during a meeting, sermon, class or podcast, capturing anything that stands out to you during the session.


Write out a quote from your speaker or teacher that stood out to you the most. Think of it as the theme from the session. 


Summarize key points into bullets or paragraphs. This is where you’ll note key information that you will take away from your session. 

major takeaways

Make a short note about how it assisted you in solving a problem or how it impacted your life. 

how did this message help me?

Conclude by writing out the action you will take with this information you learned. What will you do to make an impact, educate others or excel in your career? 

how will i implement this knowledge?

The System Designed To Help You Take Action On Your Knowledge

how does it work?

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The Foundation for Creating the Recap Journal 


Charles Clark was one of the fastest men in the world and now, he’s an entrepreneur, helping people achieve their goals and bring home the gold medal. 

In his experience helping others find clarity in their life and learning, he discovered people didn’t have an effective method for keeping track of vital information gathered while educating themselves.

As a child growing up with dyslexia, he knew how it felt to take notes without any actionable steps for using them to better his life and others’. Charles was tired of watching people get burnt out from the overwhelm of information taken during classes, meetings, sermons and podcasts.

That’s why he developed a note-taking guide to help people learn better and achieve more through their life’s experiences. The Recap Journal gives you the keys to engage in learning and recall vital information. Learn more, remember more and do more with the Recap Journal. 

charles has worked with:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to use the journal?

You can use the recap journal for all types of learning experiences from books, podcasts, meetings, sermons, conferences, school and more. For each recap session you have one page to brain dump information you’ve learned and the other page to summarize vital information that will improve your comprehension on the subject and guide you to take clear action steps on the knowledge you attained. 

What’s the optimal time length for one recap page session?

20-45 minutes. 

How is it different from taking notes on your phone? 

It’s hard to find and manage notes on your phone. The recap journal gives you a dedicated order of content so that you can easily find your recaps. 

How does the recap journal help me become a better learner?

The recap journal guides you to take more effective notes to not memorize but internalize your learning sessions. 

How many sessions can you get out of a recap journal?

80 recap sessions.

When will my Recap Journal arrive? 

Orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days of placement order, excluding holidays and/or unless specifically stated. Orders are typically delivered within 8 days of standard shipping. Please consult tracking numbers for up to date information.

How does the recap journal help me become a better learner?

The recap journal guides you to take more effective notes to not memorize but internalize your learning sessions. 

can i make a return?

For sure. Customers have a 30 day window from arrival of their product to request a refund. Product must be unused and in the same condition it was received. Also, journals must be in the original packaging to be accepted. Contact to request a return.